it all feels like a dream. we float, hanging in the cosmos. and the deep breaths of salty air, the soft silky skin with no restrictions, the eyes that speak for you. one day we’ll look back and realize it has truly all been a dream. the creation of art, telling deep stories that exist beyond our own human realm. expressing the rawness of human experience.


We’ve been this way forever. It first started in a time where we believed in nothing but saw potential in everything, without vision but full of purpose. We were teenagers, lost, finding ourselves day by day, abandoning all reason together as we explored the world through our unique but similar vision. We found soulmates in each other’s eyes. We wanted to be bigger than ourselves, bigger than the way they see us. We began photographing as a means of capturing the intangible, the rush of aliveness, the sorrow of existence.  We have grown to heights unknown to us in the beginning, rejoicing in new pleasures and embracing our sexuality. It is finally clear that the purpose had always been there, we just had to know ourselves better.


We are Haley Jensen and Olivia North, best friends and dynamic artistic duo.  The Dream Queens is our creative expression documenting our vital youth and fluid connection through the medium of photography, film and performance.  Our desire is to share this visceral experience of our raw female connection with the community in hopes of expanding the artistic possibilities by creating collaboration.  We are available for hire as a full creative team to help your visions become realities, including but not at all limited to look books, music videos, campaigns, editorials, digital art, website photos, dance and fire performances, party hosting, etc.  We LOVE all ideas, especially the strange and absurd, so do not hesitate to reach out!




Nakid Magazine

Grunge 'N' Art Magazine

Fuzz Magazine

Self Control Magazine



2/9/2016        The Dream Queens at Thumbprint gallery art show at Bar Basic, San Diego, CA



Starseed Designs -

Field Day -


photographer: Haley Jensen

model/muse: Olivia North


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